Big Little Lies

atei Saidoff) Saidoff Houses)

“Of course I’m listening to you, sweetheart. I’ll always be there when you need me. And you, my beloved, don’t worry. When you grow up we won’t need an army any more.”


Everyday life is full of secrets and lies, especially as parents. Big and small, half-truths – we usually toss them out without even noticing them. Sometimes they are lies that we tell ourselves. Sometimes they are things that were told to us by our parents or other parents, and sometimes it is the children who tell them to us. Lies have become a natural part of the parenting routine, which, as every parent knows – is a complex journey. It is accompanied by fears, and disappointments and failures, but also by happiness, laughter, and a great deal of pride. It is certainly never what we expected it to be. Sometimes, in order to survive the journey, we use lies to make things easier for ourselves, our surroundings, and especially our children.


13 illustrators who are also mothers and fathers have chosen to deal with their big and small lies as parents by giving them a unique illustrative interpretation that others can identify with.


The exhibition will open with a festive event on July 8, at 8 pm at Beita.

At this event there will be a talk by illustrators Reut Bortz, curator of the exhibition, and Racheli Shalev, whose illustrations are also on show in the exhibition, followed by a stand-up performance by Hagit Ginsberg (“Tal and Aviad”, “Nashi veteheni”).

** Not only for parents! **


Reut Bortz


Aharon Friedman, Assaf Hanuka, Guy Morad, Shlomit Saor and Lior Atzmon Fruin, Liav Tzabari, Nir Philosof, Noa Kelner, Omer Hoffman, Einat Tzarfati, Racheli Shalev, Shimon Angel and Reut Bortz



Batei Saidoff (Saidoff Houses), 155 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem

Opening hours: 

Sunday – Thursday 10:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 21:00 | Friday 10:00 – 14:00

Racheli Shalev

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