Awakening Song

Over the course of more than a year, illustrator and animator, Idan Barzilay has worked on a video clip creation for a new song by artist, Daniela Spector. The exhibition invites you to take a glimpse inside the animator’s “workroom” and experience his fascinating journey. It began as a short song and ends in a world created from nothing, which springs to life. The exhibition displays the milestones of the complex work process of directing an animation clip: Commencing with the initial encounter with the words, through to the development of the script and concept art, up until the animation itself, applying a two-dimensional technique.

Curator: Idan Barzilay

Illustration by: Idan Barzilay

Hansen House

14 Gedalyahu Allon Street

Openning hours:
Sun-Thurs > 10:00–18:00
Friday > 10:00–14:00

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