Time Tunnel Collective

The Time Tunnel is a group of illustrators who are passionate about their drawing, as well as history aficionados. They therefore resolved go beyond the call of their regular work flow every two months, and create for their own pleasure without the involvement of clients and limitations. For each round of activity, a random year is chosen, and group members illustrate an event that occurred in that year, as far as their imagination leads them.


During the course of the exhibition, new artworks, which have not yet surfaced, will be displayed. These pieces cover events from 1887, the year Hansen House was established. In addition, the exhibition will display a wealth of illustrated artworks by the group members from previous rounds.

Curator: Shimon Engel

Participants: Shahar Kober, Omer Hoffman, Noam Weiner, Noa Kelner, Yaniv Torem, Or Yogev, Maya Shleifer, Moran Barak, Idan Barzilay, Anat Pri-Tal, Mira Friedmann, Raz Ben-Ari, Chen Liberman, and Shimon Engel

Illustration by: Anat Pri-Tal

Hansen House

14 Gedalyahu Allon Street

Openning hours:
Sun-Thurs > 10:00–18:00
Friday > 10:00–14:00

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