Illustrators Looking at a Boy Dreaming

The exhibition focuses on illustrative interpretations of short texts from No End to Mourning and The Child Dreams by Hanoch Levin, which deal with children and childhood.


The illustrations are a product of the course, “Ilustration as a Tool for Interpretation,” for third year students studying the illustration track in the Department of Visual Communications at Bezalel, under the guidance of lecturer and illustrator, Merav Salomon.


The exhibition takes place within the framework of the translators’ residency at Mishkenot Sha’ananim. This year has been dedicated to the works of Levin. 

Curator: Prof. Merav Salomon


Participants: Maor Ben David, Lior Bar Noi, Ori Gold, Meytal Jehonatan, Noga Livni, Nitzan Langnas, Golan Ner Gaon, Roy Siegel, Yuval Faerman, Tal Fridlander, Yarden Keidar, Rima Ruvinov, Hiba Shahtoot, Nahaka Shteren, Lian Shiran.

Exhibition Designer: Dar Laor

Illustration by: Ori Gold

The Dwek Gallery

Mishkenot Sha'ananim
Yemin Moshe

Openning hours:
Sun-Sat > 10:00–20:00

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