The Children Laugh

International YMCA Jerusalem

The exhibition presents Roni Fahima’s illustrations for the bilingual edition of the book “The Children Laugh”, by Syria author Zakaria Tamer, “one of the most important writers of the Arab world in the short story and children’s literature genre” (according to the book jacket), edited by Shaham Samit. Fahima’s illustrations are calculated and formalistic, and at the same time full of the charm and warmth of children’s drawings. As if integrated in and aware of the urban landscape, and not separate from it, displays and illustrations are hanging on transparent glass walls in the YMCA building, a place that is dedicated to the three religions, forming an island of political moderation, equality, and transparency. 


Yaniv Torem


Behind the YMCA, 26 King David St., Jerusalem 
Telephone:  02-569-2692

Opening hours: 

Outdoor exhibition | Open 24/7

roni fachima

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