Street Language

Gaza Road

The “street language” project turns names that are familiar to us from street signs into characters in the contemporary Jerusalem story. Gaza Road is the first participant in the project, with the story of Benjamin Mitudella, who decided one day to leave his home and travel to Paris, while his friends tried unsuccessfully to persuade him to stay in the capital.
As part of the Outline Festival, there will be a tour among the story houses and illustrations accompanying them, at five stations along Gaza Road.
You are invited to a theatrical tour, followed by a conversation with the illustrators on their work process.
We will meet at the corner of Gaza and Mitudella streets on Friday, July 6, at 14:00. 
The tour is free of charge, and advance registration is not required


Roy Ravitzky


Einat Tsarfati, Shimon Angel, Yaniv Torem and Noa Kelner

Address: Along Gaza Road


along Gaza Road

Einat Tsarfati

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