For Rent

Moran and Or Yogev’s exhibition presents a magical encounter between the unique cultural diversity in Jerusalem and the children’s book, A Flat to Rent. This year, Leah Goldberg’s classic work is celebrating 60 years, providing an excellent opportunity to demonstrate its relevance till today. The exhibition displays contemporary images to convey a message about prejudice, stigmas, and racism. It celebrates the cultural differences that exist in Jerusalem, and emphasizes good neighbourliness, authenticity, and selfless love. The figures displayed in the exhibition will emerge from the empty windows of the showroom for rent in Saidoff Tower, located in the city center, and raises the question of who will agree and who will refuse to rent a store next to it. “Do you like the neighbors?”

Curator: Rotem Kaplan


Participants: Or Yogev and Moran Yogev

Illustration by: Moran Yogev and Or Yogev

Saidoff Tower windows

155 Jaffa Street

Openning hours:
Street exhibition,
open all day, 24/7

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