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Jerusalem Illustrators

The traditional Jerusalem illustrators’ exhibition seeks to relate to the urban space as a type of journal that evokes memories of the intimate events transpiring there. Every street corner, bench, or student’s’ apartment window contains a story. The participating illustrators were asked to write a personal or family story that occurs in a specific place in the center of Jerusalem and then illustrate it according to personal interpretation. The exhibition, spread out in the public space, presents the stories that occurred in those areas. At each point where the story and its accompanying illustration can be found, you can reflect on it and largely experience what took place. The website, built especially for the exhibition, provides a virtual tour of these various points in the city.

Curator: Yaniv Torem and Noa Kelner

Participants: Aaron Friedmann, Elad Lifshitz, Hodaya Mosseri, Yosi Kufeld, Yaniv Torem, Naama Lahav, Ofer Getz, Ofer Winter, Ron Levin, Rinat Gilboa, Shlomi Gorodetsky, Shana Koppel, Tamar Ben Joya, Tiferet Sigala

Illustration by: Elad Lifshitz

The exhibition is displayed around the Jerusalem city center

Openning hours:
Street exhibition, 
open all day, 24/7

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