Starting Point


“Starting Point” is an exhibition dealing with words, the word, sentence, invective, or lullaby that we heard at home in our childhood, which had an influence on us. Words whose origin is far away and which wandered here with the family. Their origins could be Algerian, French, American, Yemenite, or from any other country around the globe. They could be completely native to Israel, or a mixture of all of them together. The Israeli mosaic, as presented in the exhibition, is made up of all of these.
The exhibition is an illustrative and typographical interpretation to the personal “starting point” of the artists.


Studio 02


Avraham Kornfeld, Aviel Basil, Bina Katz, Eliana Balmas, Yinon Len, Idan Barzilai, Tamar El-Al, Rinat Hadar, Yaniv Torem, Anna Stronikova, Ron Levin



Nocturno, 7 Bezalel St., Jerusalem 
Telephone:  077-7008510

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Sunday – Thursday 07:00 – 15:00 | Friday 07:00 – 13:30

Aviel Basil

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