LUSTR is a festival of contemporary original illustration and the largest illustration exhibition in the Czech Republic, Prague - a meeting point for professionals as well as amateurs to inspire each other and present their work together to over 2000 visitors.


LUSTR ON TOUR in cooperation with the Czech Centres presenting the selected illustrators who have been a part of the festival for the past five years.

Curator: Nadia Sheshukova

Participants: Ilona Planski and Luke Tomski, Jindřich Janíček , Juliána Chomová , Maria Makeeva, Martin Lacko, Michal Bačák, Pavla Baštanová, Veronika Bratrychová-Široko, Veronika Vlková, and Jan Sramek Koulouch

Illustration by: Jindřich Janíček

Marie Gallery

12 Agrippas Street

Openning hours:
Mon-Thurs 16:30– 19:30
Friday-Saturday 11:00–14:00

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