Outline Tour

Tour of selected exhibitions

See, hear, and get to know at first hand the illustrations and texts in some of the exhibitions of the Outline Festival. The tour, led by actor Guy Cohen and the artistic directors of the festival, Noa Kellner and Yaniv Torem, will start with the exhibition “Longing” at Beita Jerusalem. From there we will go on to the “Little Big Lies” and “New Bible Illustrations” exhibitions at Batei Saidoff, and take a look at the “Jerusalem Slang” exhibition in the Saidoff display windows along Jaffa Road.  The tour will continue to the Shabbat Doodle exhibition at Alliance House, and end up at the Agrippas 12 Gallery, where the Alef Beis and interactive illustration exhibitions are on display. Advance registration is required for the tour.

Meeting point:

Beita, 155 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem


Tour dates:

July 9, July 12



18:00 – 19:30


Cost of tour:

NIS 20


To register: 02-5953348 //  beitajerusalem@gmail.com

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