Illustrating poetry

International YMCA, Jerusalem

In most cases, illustration is a reactive and accompanying art form, interpreting words and bringing them to life in color. “Illustrating Poetry” is an exhibition that is dedicated this year to the relay race of inspiration – in which the illustration appears not only as an interpretive creation, but also as the focus of creative interpretation.
Top illustrators join forces with poets, writers, musicians, and spoken word artists to create a confusion between fable and moral, and between muse and the enthralled artist. At the center of the exhibition are three songs by Shlomi Shaban, each of which has been illustrated a number of times and given visual interpretation by different illustrators. Prominent writers from different art forms who are not familiar with the original song or the circumstances of the illustration have reacted to these illustrations, taking off from the visual work into poetry, prose, or music. 


The opening event of the Outline Festival will take place on July 5, at 8 pm, and will include a live performance by the artists participating in the exhibition.


Roy Ravitzky


Aya Korem, Einav Jackson Cohen, Anat Melamud, Shlomi Shaban, Yonatan Levy, Yael Tal, Maayan Hirschbein, Yali Shenar, Ido Geffen, Avishai Houri, Anat Warshavsky, Alon Brayer, Li-Or Atzmon Fruin, Moran Barak, Ola Glikin, Yonatan Popper, Yana Buckler, Assaf Ben Harush, Yizhar Cohen 



YMCA, 26 King David St., Jerusalem 

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