Jerusalem slang

Batei Saidoff windows

All Jerusalemites have a vocabulary that is habitual for them, but completely foreign to anyone living in a “foreign place” – anywhere outside Jerusalem. Bambalik, ajouim, maatayim – all these and more are given a place of honor in an exhibition of illustrated posters created by the Tuschim Gang (the Marker Pen Gang), in which they explain the meaning of each word to spectators from outside, in written and illustrated form. The posters are exhibited as if in display windows along the length of Jaffa Road, creating a colorful street dictionary decorating the city with its own words.


The Tuschim Gang has been active since 2012, made up of illustrators who love doodling with marker pens.


Shachar Bechor and Or Livne



Batei Saidoff (Saidoff Houses) Windows, 155 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem

Opening hours: 

Street exhibition | Open 24/7

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