“I feel empty on the inside, but if you shake me you will hear the rustle of longing” (‘Period’, by Tea).
The ultra short story is a precise and refined essence of something larger, capturing the moment and telling a story that is beyond words. Just like this minimalist genre, which encapsulates a larger canvas, the gif is a visual way of telling a story reduced to just a few frames of movement. The two genres with their subversive aspects – the story with its lean lines, and the animation with a fragment of movement – are free forms of art existing alone in the virtual space, independent of external elements like publishing houses and film studios.
In the exhibition “Longing” Chen Heifetz, founder and editor of the website “Moonfash”, has invited eight different animators to give their personal interpretation to the ultra short stories of internet writers Tea and Alex Epstein. Animator Shahaf Ram will animate an ultra short story that he wrote himself.


The closing event of the Outline Festival will take place at the “Longing” exhibition on Thursday July 7, at 8 pm.


Chen Heifetz


Idan Barzilai, Daphne Awadish, Yoav Brill, Sohini Tal, Hadas Gilboa, Asia Eisenstein, Maayan Zuriel, Shahaf Ram, Tea and Alex Epstein



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