My second childhood

International YMCA, Jerusalem

The idea of opening up our childhood books and relating to them as adult artists takes us back to the experiences of childhood from another viewpoint, and into a childlike and innocent situation, if only a little, like in Ehud Manor’s well-known song. Our childhood is always present, it is the basis of our experiences, and as artists we maintain a continuous dialogue with our childhood.


All the members of the group were asked to choose a favorite children’s book or a book that particularly speaks to them. Some of them deliberately created a new work of dialogue with the books they chose, while others found a connection with childhood in their existing works, and discovered that the dialogue with the books of their childhood is unintentionally present. An exhibition by artists is an anomaly among the exhibitions taking place in the Outline Festival, which mostly move between words and illustrations. The artists are taking part this year in an attempt to make a connection between the worlds of text, illustration, and art.

The Agrippas 12 Gallery was established in 2004 by a group of artists, and was the first communal gallery in Jerusalem.

It offers a regular encounter and dialogue between painters, sculptors, photographers, and multimedia artists, and represents a rich and diverse cross-section of contemporary Israeli art.


Batya Roznik


Doron Adar, Gaby Yair, Rina Peled, Rut Shreiber, Leonid Zeiger, Michael Yechilevitz, Batya Roznik, Nadia, Adina Roz, Alejandra Okert, Max Epstein, Sara Nina Meridor, Lena Zeidel, Liora Wise, Mazal Carmon, Rita Mendes Flor, Andy Aronovitz



Lobby of the Three Arches Hotel, YMCA, 26 King David St., Jerusalem

Telephone:  02-569-2692

Opening hours: 

Street exhibition | Open 24/7

Nadia, Adina Roz

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