Along the Liberty Bell Park fence

In this traditional exhibition by Jerusalem illustrators, each of the artists presents their own illustrative interpretation of the concept of “Picnic”. The illustrations connect to each other to create a vast panoramic picture, 22 m in length, showing many different kinds of picnic. The works are inspired by personal texts written by each artist at the intimate-communal-picnic event held before the festival, at which there was a creative writing workshop led by poet Yali Shenar. 
The exhibition was set up in collaboration with the Train Theatre, and will also be on display during the International Puppet Theatre Festival.


Noa Kalderon and Yaniv Torem


Shimon Angel, Aharon Friedman, Ofer Vinter, Naama Lahav, Ron Levin, Rina Gilboa, Ofer Getz, Yaheli Halbert, Idan Barzilai, Roy Margaliot, Noa Kelner and Yaniv Torem



Liberty Bell Park, King David St.

Opening hours: 

Street exhibition | Open 24/7

Ofer Getz

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