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“Shirbut Shabbat" (Shabbat Doodle) is a Facebook group that has been active for around five years, founded by Noa Lieberman-Plashkes together with Sigal Mashal. Along with Noa, the group is administered by Amir Dror in Tel Aviv, Aya Rosen in New York, and Naama Lahav in Jerusalem. The aim of the group is to allow a creative and direct meeting of professional and amateur illustrators, and spectators who have come along just to look.


Every two weeks a certain word or phrase is chosen, illustrated by the members of the group in any way they choose, the only condition being that the work must be new and made for the group. This provides illustration enthusiasts with a new experience, and allows the more experienced to return to making a sketch, drawing or doodle just for fun. As part of the festival, the group is taking its first steps into the real world outside the screen. The exhibition offers an illustrative interpretation of three words by members of the group: night, heart, and city. This part of the exhibition will be a print equivalent of the regular “Shirbut Shabbat” activity, giving the visitors a glimpse inside.


In addition, the best works of the group since it was founded will be on display.


Naama Lahav

Group founder:

Noa Lieberman-Plashkes

Exhibition branding:

Michal Schechter and Hodaya Shetrit


Ofir Sherif, Or Livne, Aya Rosen, Eliana Zakarevsky, Andre Alexiano, Anna Duchman Avital, Anna Stronikova, Anush Bar-Tor, Gili Druber, Galit Weissberg, Dave Yaakov, Dana Tager, Hodaya Moseri, Hila Rosilio, Zohar Barak Strabkovsky, Chen Lev, Li-Or Atzmon Fruin, Lior Dahan, Michal Hirschfeld, Marina Gerchanik, Noa Liberman-Plashkes, Noam Marzuk, Neti Ranzenberg, Natan Halpern, Amir Dror, Amit Rosman, Inbar Haruvi, Rinat Gilboa, Ricki Musafi and Reut Bortz



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