Agrippas 12 Gallery

What is the connection between illustration and code? What opportunities are formed by connecting visual abilities and algorithmic knowledge?

And primarily, which makes the other work?


The exhibition presents a range of interactive products examining the relationship between the hidden language of programming and the illustrated image on display.

In different formats, narrative interventions, and varied forms of interaction, visitors can activate illustrative displays themselves and in this way, create a different experience each time. The exhibition takes place along the horizontal axis between the static, printed illustration and the projected, animated film; and along the transverse axis between physical and tactile game, and the technology appearing on the screen. In operating and constructing the game, the pace, and the change of narrative, the facts as presented offer a new way of telling a story.


Ofer Getz and Yaniv Torem


Ofer Getz, Sasha Zilberman, Ariel Paz, Avi Naim and Adar Rom



12 Agrippas St., Jerusalem 
Telephone:  054-2374420

Opening hours: 

Monday – Thursday 16:30 – 19:30 | Friday 11:00 – 14:00

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