Where it was

Billboards at the entrance to Jerusalem

“Go into Hanevi’im St., walk straight past the Yad Sarah bus. Continue towards the Davidka. At the traffic light next to where the Edison cinema used to be, take a left and go on to the old entrance where the Ministry of Tourism was, then down past the old Beitar pitch – don’t turn into the train station – carry on straight ahead, and that’s the street.”
(Amit Assis)

The exhibition leads viewers through Jerusalem landmarks that may seem to have come and gone, but in fact continue to exist in the awareness of the tribe of Jerusalem – a special type of people who do not give up on the past and constantly inject it into the everyday urban present, providing a different experience of observing the Jerusalem municipal space, and offering a tour accompanied by delusions of time and memory.


Dov Abramson


Shimon Angel, Ofer Vinter, Elad Lifschitz and Aharon Friedman



Billboards along Herzl Blvd., opposite the Calatrava String Bridge

Opening hours: 

Street exhibition | Open 24/7

Ofer winter

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